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Mar 21 2010

“WordPress for Blackberry” Plugin – i’ve been waiting for this!

Lagi googling soal cara ngeblog lewat blackberry, taunya nemu plugin-nya langsung dong! Yippie!

Dulu gue nemuin cara manual, posting lewat email gitu deh, you can see the post here. And then suddenly, it won’t let me blog again..duh! And Since then, ya gue belum menemukan lagi tutorialnya, tapi dengan adanya plugin WordPress for Blackberry ini, gue bisa berblogging sambil males-malesan diatas kasur, diluar, dimanapun..karena dimanapun gue berada, my Blackberry selalu menemani :)

So, blogger yg punya BB, what are you waiting for? Download disini sajahhhh atau langsung dari Blackberry kamu di BB App World.

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Oct 01 2008

Cara posting blog ke wordpress dari email dan blackberry

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March 21, 2010: This tutorial is not working anymore, please check new tutorial here


Ini gue mau share cara-cara supaya bisa posting blog dari email and blackberry, soalnya buat gue sendiri ampe 2 hari trial and error baru deh found out hehe…

Ikutin aja step by step disini:
Bisa juga pake email dari Gmail. Ini info POP3nya:
PORT: 995
jangan lupa di gmail settingnya POP3 harus di enable

Udah deh selesai. Tapi kalo udah install blom bisa juga pas ngerefresh wp-mail.php nya, pake aja plugin wp-mail.php yang dari sini

Nah itu harusnya udah bisa deh…cuman kalo lo posting dari blackberry, begitu diliat hasil postingannya di blog malah akan keluar karakter-karakter yang aneh bin ajaib,  gue udah cari sana-sini untuk memperbaikinya, akhirnya nemu juga dari seseorang di website help supportnya wordpress. Mari ikuti tutorialnya…

Buka wp-mail.php, terus cari kode php berikut:

if (stripos($content_transfer_encoding, "quoted-printable") !== false) {
$content = quoted_printable_decode($content);

gue taruh dibawahnya:

if (strcmp($content_transfer_encoding, 'base64')==0){
$content = base64_decode($content);

And voila! that should decode the content that you wrote. Happy blogging from everywhere you are through email :)

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May 25 2008

HTTP error on uploading images to WordPress 2.5.1

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If you experienced problem with uploading the images in wordpress 2.5.1. Here’s the step by step solving tutorial:

– Make a notepad file. Name it test.txt

– Insert this coding to the test.txt

<IfModule mod_security.c>
<Files async-upload.php>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off


– Then upload it via FTP to your wordpress root.

– CHMOD it to 777

– Okay, now rename the test.txt file into .htaccess

Done. You might can’t see that .htaccess file in your FTP (some FTP can), but it is right there. And Voila! it works like magic :)

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Apr 28 2008

Updated to WordPress Version 2.5.1

Updated: This tips didn’t really work smooth on wordpress’s overall performance. Such as, i was still having problem when opened the "write post", it would loading over and over and make my firefox browser frozen. So, what i did was..downgrading my WP to the old version, then installing WordPress Automatic upgrade plugin. Then Installed the WP upgrade automatically from that plugin. And yes, it works fine!

I updated my wordpress to the newest version 2.5.1 last night and it got error like this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_shortcode_regex()

Blah blah…the error is located in formatting.php page, spesifically on line 95. I tried to search the problem solving through wordpress forum, i see so many people got the same error too and they still dont have the answer. So i tried to delete the line 95 in that formatting.php page. Voila! the error has vanished suddenly. And i see no problem by deleting that error line, i hope not in the future too :p

Note: Gue pake bahasa inggris supaya kalo ada orang bule nge-search kata kunci yg sama dengan error tsb (seperti gue kemaren hehe..) bisa nyampe kesini, mudah2an bisa ngebantu yg punya masalah error pas update wordpress 2.5.1 sama kaya gw.

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